3 x Lotte Japan Toppo Strawberry Filled Cookie Sticks 3.09oz

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Uses two types of strawberries. A slightly thick and luxurious toppo. Two types of strawberries are blended. It is a slightly thick and luxurious Toppo series. It is a well-balanced strawberry flavor that matches the fragrance of pretzel, using the sweet and juicy “Akihime” for the “red hop” that also feels sourness in the sweetness. Their specialty is Komoro City, Nagano Prefecture, located near Karuizawa. Altitude is high, and delicious strawberry is produced from high clear weather rate and temperature difference between day and night. Komoro City is also known as the birthplace of strawberry production, and has a history of strawberries. 

Contents: 88g

Made in Japan

Company : Lotte